Simple Concept

Momentum Days (tm) is designed to help you achieve your goals. Set a goal and check off each day that you do something towards that goal. For example, you might want to start working out. Mark each day that you go to the gym and you will be able to see at a glance the days you have worked on that. Try to keep an uninterrupted chain of days as you work towards your goal.

No software to install

Momentum Days is a cross platform app designed for smartphones and tablets including iPhone (3GS and later), iPad, Android (2.1 and higher), BlackBerry (6 and up), and Windows Phone 7 devices.

It will also run on almost all modern desktop browsers. Momentum Days is a cloud-based application designed for use with your phone's web browser. There is nothing to install, so you don’t need to download anything an app store.



  • Track progress on your goals
  • Create multiple calendars for different goals
  • Touch friendly mobile interface
  • Cross platform
  • Cloud based, no synchronization required
  • Use from anywhere, designed ideally your phone

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About Us

Located in Silicon Valley, The VDG Group develops mobile applications.


We are on twitter @momentumdays

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